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Toonami XD is a revived now as a programming block for anime on NaruIchi97 Anitoku as started in July 2012. The name of the block was used for a TV channel before the AtomicRanger97 Network/NaruIchi97 XD Channel rebrand. Now it's revived as a block for both dubbed anime, subbed anime and tokusatsu.


  • T.O.M. X (Toonami Operator Module X) [Voiced by Aaron Montalvo]


Toonami XD Line Up

Friday NightsEdit

Time Show Name Rating
7:00p/6:00c Transformers: Unicron Chronicles TV-14
7:30p/6:30c Harmony Unleashed: Human Ponidox Continuum Shift TV-MA
8:00p/7:00c Naruto: Shippuden TV-14
8:30p/7:30c Dragon Ball Z TV-PG
9:00p/8:00c Transformers: Prime (Japanese Dub) TV-Y7 FV
9:30p/8:30c Blue Exorcist TV-14
10:00p/9:00c Outlaw Star TV-14
10:30p/9:30c Atomic Betty X Total Drama TV-14
11:00p/10:00c Kamen Rider Wizard TV-PG
11:30p/10:30c Tokumei Sentai Gobusters TV-PG

Saturday NightsEdit

Time Show Name Rating
7:00p/6:00c Tiger & Bunny TV-14
7:30p/6:30c Soul Eater TV-14
8:00p/7:00 Koga & Naga: Guardians of the Feudal Warriors TV-14
8:30p/7:30c Digimon Fusion [Dub Coming 2013] TV-Y7 FV
9:00p/8:00c Sword Art Online TV-14
9:30p/8:30c One Piece TV-14
10:00p/9:00c Eureka Seven: Astral Ocean [Dub Coming Soon] TV-14
10:30p/9:30c Atomic Betty II TV-14
11:00p/10:00c JoJo's Bizarre Adventure TV-MA
11:30p/10:30c TBA TBA