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Toonami SOUL is a fanon Toonami channel made by Pablo and Solo. It features an upgraded TOM with some new co-hosts, some new shows, and a whole lot of awesome.


TOM 3.5 was travelling through deep space when the Clydes alerted him of a planet with strange ruins. He studied the planet and found a video log- upon examination, this was Moltar, and he was in trouble. TOM upgraded himself for exploration, and activated two bots in the ruins- PAB and SOLO, who were intended to help him, but were lost to the ages. He took them in on his search for Moltar, and Toonami SOUL was born.


  • TOM: The big guy, upgraded for his new goal of finding his creator.
  • PAB: Programming Arrangement Bot. He's an eager but clumsy guy and 'brother' of SOLO.
  • SOLO: Satellite and Online Linked Observation. He's more cool and collected, but will stick with PAB through anything.


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Toonami SOUL has several blocks.

The Wakeup CallEdit

The Wakeup Call is a revamped version of Rising Sun.

Tech CentralEdit

Tech Central is where TOM, SOLO, PAB, and SARA will review video games and air videogame/technology type shows like Megas XLR, Gurren Lagann, and Gundam Wing.


Hypercinema is a block dedicated to showing movies. Whether it be Miyazaki films, hour-long specials, Anime movies, and more.


A crossover block with Miguzi. The Absolution goes to the Miguzi planet and airs some of Miguzi's shows.

Toku TimeEdit

A block showing Super Sentai, Kamen Rider, and other Tokusatsu shows.