The Re-Dub of Magical DoReMi will air on the Toonami Channel in Summer 2017, with all 201 episodes, including the 2 movies, getting dubbed into English with the new English Cast.


Dorie Goodwyn Tara Strong
Reanne Griffith Elle Fanning
Mirabelle Haywood Mackenzie Foy
Ellie Craft Quvenzhane Wallis
Momoko Asuka Joey King
Hana Makihatayama

Tara Strong (Baby)

Dafne Keen (Child)

Caitlyn Goodwyn Grey DeLisle

Karen Strassman (Frog form)

Lena Headey (Witch form)

Witch Conya Of The Lunaverse Lady Gaga
Queen Lumina Julia Roberts
Amaretta Rooney Mara
The Witch Queen Melissa McBride
Drona Whoopi Goldberg
Mota Cameron Diaz
Patunia Sarah Silverman
Miss Cooper Laura Bailey
Miss Shannon Kirsten Dunst
Principal Hamburg Ty Burrell
Vice President Shoople Tom Kenny
Igarashi-Senpai Ty Simpkins
Shingo Hasegawa Blake Jenner


  • All 201 Episodes, including the 2 movies, will be dubbed into English.
  • The Re-Dub will be rated TV-PG.
  • The Japanese Theme will be used as the Main Theme of the Re-Dub.