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Tom was doing a normal time in the Vindication but suddenly Sara picks up a unknown individual jacking the base's systems, Tom heard footsteps and he went to the source of the noise and he saw a shadowy figure on the core system but before Tom went to face the figure the light suddenly went out and when they came back up, the figure was gone, Sara warns Tom watch out but Tom got hit on the head so hard and he loses consciousness while hearing Sara scream his name and someone's laughter, Tom regains consciousness and he finds the Vindication trashed and the computer holding Sara was slightly damaged but his body was smaller and he was missing 2 fingers on both of his hand and he realized he was in his body before he got eaten by the Intruder and it was a clone of it, he managed to bring back Sara and they must find the one who stole Tom's current body while taking care of the broadcasts in their current states until they get Tom's body back while on the way, they get the help of a friendly wolf/deer/phoenix hybrid and a former human-turned FM-Bian.

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Tom: the current host of Toonami, he is more determined of getting his body back and repairing Sara and the Vindication. He has to get used once again to his TOM 1 body.

Sara: The AI of the ship who got damaged by the figure.

Pyro: An depraved, sarcastic tiger FM-Bian. He claims to be a former human who was turned into a FM-Bian by his ex-wife as a curse for cheating on her. His real name is revealed to be Richard, although everyone still calls him Pyro.

Tazon: A half wolf, deer and phoenix hybrid, this flamboyant creature provides Tom with intellectual advice.

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